Genessi- Smart Motion


Memory Sense

The latest generation of memory foam which provides better ventilation, while being less sensitive to variations in ambient temperatures. Memory Sense is exceptionally luxurious while providing effective support all aimed to enhance ones comfort with a down-like touch.


Latex Flex

The next generation of synthetic Latex Flex is now enhanced with a cell softening molecules to provide a more luxurious and plush comfort layer. Let this mattress embrace your body while sinking into unchartered levels of rest and relaxation ensuring maximum sleeping comfort.


A combination of TempaGel infused with latex, containing ceramic and graphite particles that aid in the dissipation of heat from the mattress. Regulated climate conditions allow for a consistent night’s rest and the ultimate comfort and consistent pressure-relieving support.

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Each Smart Motion is equipped to personalize your individual sleep experience through the use of highly advanced latex and memory foams. Combined with an adjustable, intelligent, electric base, the Smart Motions comfort and support are unmatched.

  • Warranty 25 Years
  • Guarantee 3 Years