Payment Methods 2

Safe payments/Online EFT Payments

Our selected payment platform is PayFast, a secure payment gate that enables secure, easy and instant transfer of money from online buyers. PayFast allows customers to make payments via credit card (Visa and Mastercard) and via EFT. These are important points to note when making payment:

  1. Once you opt to make payment, you will be redirected to the PayFast payment site.
  2. You can either choose credit card payment or EFT. If you select EFT, please note that when requested to select a bank, you should select your bank i.e. where your bank account is held. Please note that this is not requesting Tom and Jerry’s Furnitures (Pty) Ltd banking details.
  3. Upon paying via EFT, you will be given a payment reference number by Payfast. It is crucial that you input this reference number as your payment reference to ensure that funds paid can be correctly allocated to Tom and Jerry’s Furnitures (Pty) Ltd.
  4. Once you have completed the payment, you should be redirected to Tom and Jerry’s website and should receive a notification that your order has been received.

Should you encounter any problems when making payment, please email your name and PayFast reference number to and we will resolve the issue.